The Best Natural Hot Springs In Nevada

The Best Natural Hot Springs In Nevada

Nevada has a huge number of natural hot springs, but there are a few that stand out above all the rest. Traveling in any direction within the state will give you access to a relaxing spring that will make you feel like you are a million miles away. However, the top three are actually located rather close to each other and you should be able to hit them all up on one trip.

The three best hot springs in the state are Black Rock Hot Springs, Dyke Hot Springs, and Bog Hot Springs. All of these springs are located in the upper left corner of the state, and all of them are within 150 miles of each other, making for the ultimate trip around the state. They are all extremely different from each other, but they also have some great camping land near them or impressive hotels that will complete your relaxation experience.

Black Rock Hot Springs is on the edge of the Black Rock Desert and along the same land that Burning Man is hosted in every year. However, these springs can be a bit hard to access. When the area is drive you can get across with a 4WD from any road that goes into the desert. However, you should always take someone with you who knows what they are doing.

Black Rock Hot Springs can be extremely hot, test the water before you get in and always be aware of temperature changes.

The Best Natural Hot Springs In Nevada

Dyke Hot Springs are some of the most secluded springs in the world, but they have an amazing view. The entire spring is two bath tubs that are filled by the user and overlook a from pond and some amazing land. You get to the tubs by going off road from the town of Denio which you can reach along Woodward Road from NV-140 after getting off of US Highway 95. The tubs are actually on private property, but camping is allowed and the owners simply ask that they be drained when you are done soaking.

Finally, the best spring in all of Nevada if the Bog Hot Springs. This is a bit different from any other spring as it is a literal running river of spring water, but it’s still a great temperature and allows for an extremely relaxing experience. There are a number of terraced pools that all vary in temperature so you will want to try them all.

Bog Hot Springs are also some of the easiest to get to from Oregon and the small town of Denio. Getting there is simple after hitting Denio, you turn onto NV 140 and follow the road for around 13 miles. The signs in the area will let you know what you have arrived.

Overall, most of the hot springs in Nevada don’t have facilities to turn them into spas, but they are rustically charming and easy to get to as well. Crossing the border into the state is one of the easiest ways to relax and enjoy everything that Nevada has to offer.