Bonnie Springs Ranch Nevada

Bonnie Springs Ranch Nevada

My son had always wanted to be a cowboy and see a real ranch. So, for his birthday we took him to Bonnie Springs Ranch in Nevada.

As we pulled into the old western looking motel, our son thought we were in the real wild west. He donned his little cowboy hat and pulled on his little boots and got out of the car.

His eyes were wide with awe. We checked into our room and then went for a real “cowboy breakfast”. Our son was sure he was living in the real wild west.

After breakfast, we visited the train station and explored around the area for a few hours. We went to lunch and then back to our room to rest awhile before we took to the pool. That rounded out our first day.

The next day we paid a visit to the zoo. Our son had fun wandering around looking at all of the animals that the “wild west” had to offer. Naturally, this led to questions about horses so we told him he could ride a pony later on.

Later that afternoon we took our son to the pony rides and he picked out the pony he wanted to ride. The employees were all so very friendly and helpful. Our son had a great time and was sure he was a real cowboy now.

Bonnie Springs Ranch Nevada

We finished off the day with another train ride and ate a cowboy dinner together before retiring to our motel room. We had had a full day and were tired. Tomorrow we had planned a horseback riding day and wanted to get an early start.

As day broke our son woke us up with the news that it was time to get up and saddle up. We smiled and headed out to breakfast. After breakfast, we donned our “cowboy clothes” to our son’s delight and went to where we’d be picking up our horses for the trail ride.

We were all handed helmets and our son tried to wear his cowboy hat on top of his helmet. It was so cute we took a picture of it. It was a smooth and relatively easy ride although we hadn’t been in the saddle for long when my leg began to ache.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience and I’d do it again any day over going back to work in a few more days.

Our last day there we explored the old town and enjoyed the laid back atmosphere. Our son stated that this was the best cowboy vacation a guy could have and that he was moving here when he grew up.

Today, our son is all grown up and yes, he moved to Nevada. He now owns his own ranch and is enjoying telling his kids how mom and dad took him to his first ranch when he was just a boy. I smile as I listen to him relive his adventures of that week. He was all of six years old and sure that he was in the real wild west.