Red Rock Canyon – A Once In A Lifetime View

Red Rock Canyon - A Once In A Lifetime View

While there are a huge number of canyons in the Nevada area, few are as impressive as the Red Rock Canyon. This natural formation boasts some of the most vibrant rocks found within nature and is truly a testament to the power of nature. The entire area is protected under different conservation laws but is also open to the public, making it a great place to visit during the day and a popular area with the locals.

The canyon has 19 different trails with each of them covering different areas of the canyon and ranging in skill level. There are guided hikes available or maps that allow for personal exploration as well. There are also a number of groups that get together to hike the area and discover new things while never straying from the path.

The most interesting thing, apart from the rocks are the different species living in the area. There are a huge number of tortoises that live in the area and it isn’t uncommon to see them when out for a hike. Snakes, lizards, grazing animals, and birds are also common. Many people enjoy taking multiple trails to see what all they can spot and then bringing back their experiences to the visitors center for more information.

Red Rock Canyon - A Once In A Lifetime View

There is also a huge amount of cultural information about the local tribes, the myths surrounding the canyon, and even important people who have visited the area as well. All of this information is best relayed within the canyon as trying to explain the importance of small sections of the canyon without a visual reference is not very effective.

Many people also come to learn more about the unique vegetation within the area. The different trails all have some greenery and many of them have plants that only grow within the canyon ecological system. It is often observed that even in the harshest of areas and even against red rocks that are millions of years old, life will find a way.

The final draw is the unique geological structures within the canyon and the different layers that are visible to the naked eye. Many scientists love visiting the canyon to see just how the power of nature has shaped our world and how the different layers of earth all come together to create something amazing.

Access to the canyon requires a 4 wheel drive vehicle, but many hotels and tour companies within the area offer trips out to the canyon. Getting there on your own is done via State Route 159 before going onto the custom scenic loop for the park. The park as a whole houses a number of different attractions and is usually open at all times of the year.

Local villages, re-creations of ghost towns, quick access to Law Vegas, and a thriving community all ensure that the canyon is an unforgettable experience. From natural history to avenues for understanding of our modern world, the park is truly one of a kind.