Turtlehead Peak Trail Nevada

Turtlehead Peak Trail Nevada

When most people think of Nevada, they think about casino’s, showgirls and other famous events. However, when I think of Nevada, I think of it a bit differently, I think of all of the great opportunities to commune with nature on her own level.

Since I was a child hiking has been a passion of mine. So when I heard about Turtlehead Peak Trail, I wanted to go. Fresh out of college, with a friend in tow (who wasn’t into hiking and was about to be baptized into it headfirst) I went on my adventure.

Of course, to further complicate matters, we brought along her old dog. Now Turtlehead Peak is a 4.6-mile trail that is considered challenging at best. I was no rookie, but my friend, we’ll, she wasn’t into walking across the parking lot further than she had to.

I built it up and assured her that this would be an easy hike. We donned our hiking shoes, the dog’s leash and a bottle of water for each of us and the dog and began our journey.

We weren’t a mile into it when she wanted to go back. But I reminded her that that would be at least a mile trek back to the car.

Turtlehead Peak Trail Nevada

We plodded on. One of the best features we saw were the petroglyphs. We pondered these as we continued on. By now, we were so into the scenery that we weren’t complaining about the hike anymore, at least I wasn’t. I was so busy telling her all the cool stuff that she couldn’t’ get a word in edgewise.

The path or rather a trail got a lot steeper and we had to use our hands to keep from falling here and there. The dog didn’t seem to mind though. In fact, the dog was now acting like a puppy again and bounding from one rock to the next.

Thankfully we began our hike at about 6:30 a.m. before the heat of the day. We figured we’d be done in a few short hours and then go grab some breakfast.

The views were so stunning that we kept stopping to take pictures and before we knew it, we’d been there for three hours. However, by now we were back to the car and taking off our hiking boots and putting our cooler shoes back on.

All in all, we really enjoyed our hike and my friend said she’d do it again in a heartbeat but wondered if she could bring her ski poles for the steeper parts next time. Honestly, that may be a worthy idea.

The dog survived just fine and looked back wistfully as we pulled away. To his credit, he made it the entire 4.6 miles and in the steepest areas, I think he did better than we did.

So when someone asks me if I’ve ever been to Nevada, I smile and say, “Yes” and it was a trip to remember. After all, what happens in Nevada, stays in Nevada.